"I feel most creative when..." by Danielle Boltz

After releasing our most recent newsletter on creativity, I’ve been noticing which practices make me feel most drawn in. I used this self-written prompt to guide these answers out from deep within my bones:

“When do I feel most innately, authentically, & vibrantly creative?”


When I am with people. It’s within those moments of sharing ideas. Them seeing mine and me seeing theirs and us finding ways to orchestrate them together with a sense of flow. No trying or efforting or swimming upstream. We just blend together.

It’s when Hy and I are sitting by the fire on a cold night in Fall staring back at our home and envisioning ways we can make this space even more special and enjoyable for others.

It’s when I see one of my closest friends gifts and excitedly share with her how she could go do this or that with them and all of a sudden she see’s it, too.

She expands. We expand!

It’s when I am listening to a podcast and it feels as though the host literally plucked something out from inside my heart and expands my belief in my own capabilities of what I can do in this lifetime.

It’s when I forgive someone.

It’s the moment where I recognize that I am not the victim. EVER.

It’s when I wake up in the morning and remember to place one hand on my belly and the other on my heart and breathe in gratitude for waking up, for being here, for living.

I feel most creative when I am connected to this big life that’s happening around me and inside of me.


Deep. Human. Connection.

The kind of connection where you hug someone and you feel their stories and heart playing and pounding childishly and sweetly against your own.

I feel most creative when I see you and when I hear you.

When I get out of my own head for long enough to really be with you.

So I will do more of all of these things. I already am and I’m just so grateful to KNOW where I need to be to feel like myself.

What makes you feel like you? When do you feel most authentic and most IN your creative flow?

love love love,